Our Accreditations

We are proud to be one of only 7 companies accredited by the FCA on its Skilled Persons Panel able to provide cyber threat intelligence to the financial sector at the highest levels (Lots K & L).

Orpheus is accredited by the Bank of England to deliver intelligence-led cyber security services to the financial sector at the highest levels.

Orpheus is approved as a Crown Commercial Service Supplier on G-Cloud 11.

As an approved provide to Government, Orpheus is able to deliver both our ground-breaking cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating subscription services and our GBEST threat intelligence services.

Orpheus is a member of CREST. CREST is an international not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market.

Orpheus is also accredited by CREST to provide cyber threat intelligence as a Simulated Targeted Attack and Response provider. We are among only a handful of companies to have achieved this accreditation.

Orpheus is heavily involved in establishing and leading the CREST Cyber Threat Intelligence Professionals (CTIPs) group, with the mission of leading the development of the cyber threat intelligence sector globally.

A small number of cyber threat intelligence companies are accredited to deliver CBEST cyber resilience testing services. Orpheus is accredited as one of those companies, and we work with major global financial institutions to help them identify threats to their vital assets so improved security can be delivered.

The UK Telecoms sector has established an intelligence-led approach to improving the cyber resilience of critical national infrastructure companies. We were delighted to have been involved in establishing the TBEST framework, working with Regulators and Telecoms companies to do so, and have also delivered successful projects.

The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that Orpheus takes our own cyber security very seriously. It is vital that we enhance our client’s security – and we make sure that mindset is embedded in everything we do.

The Cyber Essentials certification is seen by many as a starting point in cyber security, and we maintain our certification as a component of our root and branch approach to ensuring we maintain good cyber hygiene.

The Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation further reassures we take cyber security seriously and are committed to keeping our customers safe.

Strategic Partners

Orpheus is an Innovate UK winner and was awarded funding from the Industrial Strategy Challenge to progress a project to develop AI and data enabled products and services within accountancy, insurance and legal services.


Edge4Health is a strategic partner. The Orpheus Cyber solution has been chosen to sit on the cloud based The Edge4Health platform that delivering an effective solution connecting providers and NHS suppliers all over the UK to improve efficiency, drive savings and heighten compliance with streamlined processes. With the addition of Orpheus’ technology to The Edge4Health, NHS suppliers can now understand, improve and demonstrate their cyber security status to the NHS buying community.


Cyber 101 is a strategic partner. Cyber 101 supports the cyber security leaders in having the competitive edge.

LORCA programme is a strategic partner providing support to enable Orpheus to speed further development of its solution, scale the business abroad and establish the Orpheus cyber risk score as the global authority in cyber risk rating.

Beroe is a strategic partner. Because Supply Chains provide a weak link for hackers to exploit, the companies you work with are increasingly asking to see the cyber risk score of their suppliers. Bereo has partnered with Orpheus Cyber to offer its customers a solution to have visibility of their supply chain cyber risk score.

Bovill is a specialist financial services regulatory consultancy, established in 1999 and headquartered in the UK with offices in London, Chicago, Singapore and Hong Kong. They provide high-quality, technically-focused advice and consultancy services on all aspects of financial services regulation. Bovill has partnered with Orpheus to provide its current and prospect customers an understanding of their current threats and vulnerabilities to help improve their cyber security and to show customers how seriously they take cyber security and compliance with cyber security regulations.

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