Bespoke Services

Orpheus is well equipped to help you with a broad range of requirements

Intelligence-led Security Testing

Intelligence-led security testing is now established as the best way of protecting an organisation from advanced cyber threats. The Orpheus team are recognised as experts in providing the intelligence to that enables red teams to deliver accurate testing plans. We have worked with both regulators and regulated companies to develop those frameworks in a range of critical national infrastructure sectors, and are therefore extremely well placed to advise you on your testing – and manage your project to a successful outcome.

Threat Assessments

Our cyber threat assessments enable you to understand the intent and capability of threat actors to target your organisation given who you are, what you do, and where and how you do it. Not only will it help you understand the threats you face, but it can be used to improve security controls, develop scenarios for testing, and help understand the risks your key assets and organisation face.

Training & Capacity Building

As experts in threat intelligence, the Orpheus team are excellently equipped to help organisations communicate the threats that they face to their employees. This can take the shape of board-level briefings specifically designed for non-technical audiences, training programmes designed for the whole organisation, and capacity building projects designed to help you to develop your own cyber threat intelligence capabilities.

Investigations & Research

Orpheus can use its extensive collection capabilities to support your specific intelligence requirements. Our ability to collect, process and analyse large volumes of data and information from an array of different sources – be it technical data, social media, or the deep and dark webs – and turn it into intelligence means we can provide insight and support your intelligence needs.