Monday 28th March 2022

BLOG: How Cyber Risk Ratings Are Building Real Time Cybersecurity

A high-quality cyber risk rating is an asset for organizations. Cyber risk ratings are an essential and crucial tool that can help organizations make more effective decisions about security and risk. Orpheus’ cyber risk ratings deliver an accurate measurement of an organization’s overall security performance. Cyber risk ratings can aid in identifying and calculating risk.

This can provide opportunities and partnerships for the organizations and deliver assurance to existing consumers of that organization. Partners with objective and up-to-date validation that cybersecurity posture and practices are structured to keep data safe within your network.

Organizations can also leverage cyber security ratings to help improve their market positioning, and reputation and increase profitability. A low cyber risk rating can subsequently lead to the opposite of a high-quality cyber risk rating and indicate that an organization’s data is at risk.

Cyber risk ratings give security teams the ability to prioritize remediation, and monitor cyber hygiene and can also reveal issues within the supply chain, determining risk, and vulnerabilities.

Even those with little to no technical knowledge within organizations will be able to comprehend the importance of cyber risk ratings with the context that comes with it. Cyber risk ratings help to drive productive conversations around security and allow leadership to make decisions about funding priorities based on a clear understanding of risk.

Organizations need to prove to prospective customers that their information security controls and security performance are at an optimal level, that their data can be protected this can be achieved through cybersecurity ratings in almost all cases.

Cyber security ratings can reduce risks existing within third parties to protect your data define cybersecurity thresholds for new vendors, help define the level of assessment required for each vendor and aid in making decisions in the procurement process. Third-party vendors with a higher rating provide greater safety and security to your organization, so that’s why companies feel more comfortable partnering with those rather than with the vendors with lower security ratings.

Orpheus Cyber is the only UK-government accredited cyber threat intelligence company providing threat intelligence and cyber risk rating services. 

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