Friday 30th April 2021

BLOG: How Security Intelligence Improves Cloud Security

Security intelligence can play a huge role in cloud security, as cybercriminals persistent to focus on resource-rich cloud security environment, security teams are responsible for their organisations’ cloud infrastructures need to evolve their approach toward strengthening their security postures. Security intelligence assists cloud security teams in enhancing the security procedures and regulations that regulate their cloud ecosystems as well as individuals that attach to their customers and partners.

Planning and incorporating the principles of security intelligence allow organisations to minimise the effect of cyber threats and improve resiliency. A security intelligence program can drive your policies and controls whether they are being built from scratch or require an update, while organisations and businesses alongside supporting operating environment expand and evolve.

Security intelligence magnifies the effectiveness of cloud security teams by uncovering unidentified and unspecific threats and risks, by being provided important information, security teams are able to make better decisions. Security intelligence can facilitate cloud security teams to accelerate risk reduction across your entire organisation.
Threat intelligence provides context regarding the profile around potential cyberattacks. The utilisation of machine learning and AI provides the ability to consume and analyse vast amounts of data that pose threats and technical research from a wide range of sources. Linking real-time insights from these present cloud security teams with the ability to function quicker and further knowledgeable security assessments that are particular to their cloud environment.

Third-party risk management facilitates risks originating from extensive ecosystems that share sensitive information with suppliers, partners, contractors, agents, temporary workers, and other third parties. Security intelligence can be applied to specific aspects of an organisation’s cloud security strategy. Taking a sophisticated approach to improving security postures is now more important than ever due to the ever-evolving cyberattacks and threat actors looming from the web, whether on the open or dark web, third-party partner and customer ecosystems, and internal threats.
Active security development that integrates the principles of security intelligence will diminish the influence of cyber threats on organisations and improve the resiliency of companies by addressing cybersecurity across the complete organisation including the cloud your security team can enable your company to preserve its competitive advantage by better protecting intellectual property and supply chain.

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