Friday 22nd July 2022

BLOG: Choosing The Right Vendor

Finding a vendor has never been an easy task. The growth of the cybersecurity market has led to increased clutter and overwhelming fragmentation and buyers face numerous pain points. There are endless vendors but there is not always the time and resources to extensively look at them all.

Organisations face intense pressure to protect their organisation’s assets from evolving cyber threats. Most are concerned about an imminent cyber-attack, fear of data loss, and loss of reputation. Organisations need to be able to figure out whether the vendor understands their wants and needs.

Organisations each possess distinct and overlapping preferences and interests when looking for a vendor. As a result of this, cyber vendors should use these pain points to position their company and product as an answer to the most acute cybersecurity needs.

For instance, vendors that highlight the advancement and sophistication of cyber-attacks, particularly around data loss, revenue loss and how it impacts reputation tend to gain more visibility, recognition, and credibility among enterprise security professionals. Organisations must be able to prioritize, triage, and respond to the cyber threats facing every aspect of their company’s IT infrastructure and operations.   

Scalability is essential as organisations are always changing and adapting. This can entail new employees joining the workforce with tools that enable remote work from any location. All of this additional technology and new users increase companies’ cyber threat surface and means all areas of an organisation’s network where unauthorised users or attackers could exploit vulnerabilities need to be protected.

Aim to look for vendors that deliver a range of capabilities, and are committed to developing and releasing new functionality and features for emerging threats and changing business needs. Not all vendors can provide this type of comprehensive protection and coverage, so take the time to assess capabilities and ensure the solution can deliver the round-the-clock defences you need. 

Another key focus when finding a vendor is how accessible they are. Hackers are intrinsically opportunistic, zero-day vulnerabilities, ransomware, malware, and phishing campaigns have heightened, especially during the pandemic and other monumental moments but unsurprisingly can affect a business at any time. Vendors should have resources available to respond to a cyber incident at any point and establish communication. procedure

When choosing a vendor, many organisations opt for security teams with the best expertise and best experience. Understanding how threats work, knowing how to spot them, and how to prevent them is much more important than something like the cost. Finding all this information requires a lot of time, and as tempting as it may be to simply hire a team of experts to manage cyber security internally, it’s a time-consuming and costly process.   

That’s why engaging with the Jenny 2.0 platform makes this process much easier, Jenny 2.0 is a market-leading Cyber Business Intelligence Platform that connects users to vendor & service provider markets, enabling them to make informed procurement, investment, or partnering decisions with confidence.

Their global user community benefits from using the Jenny platform by:

• Saving research time & reducing search fatigue

• Providing clarity on the entire cyber supplier market

• Seeing a complete dissection of security companies to understand the real differences

• Providing a Global reach to see every available option

• Reducing vendor risk analysis

• Presenting all this under a single pane of glass

The Jenny 2.0 platform can help

• IT/IT Security Professionals – Validated and verified vendor capabilities, see essential data from chosen vendors side-by-side, and recorded pre-sales sessions (Challenger Interviews) on-demand

• Procurement Teams – Pre-validated and verified vendor information, supplier financials, security scoring, and critical insurance information

• Venture Capital/Investors – Make faster and qualified investment decisions through deeper data profiles, increasing deal flow, shorter research time for analysts, and searchable investor information

• Businesses – Validate vendor capabilities, explore integrations, see financials & investments, and investigate partnership opportunities

Jenny ensures you’re getting the top expertise; you get an extensive view of potential vendors. As challenging as it may seem to find a vendor, it’s not impossible with a platform that essentially does it for you.

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