Cyber Risk Management Platform

Orpheus illuminates your threats and live attack surface features – together with those of your Third Parties – so that you can stop Cyber Risks before they happen.

  • Full Summarisation of all Orpheus modules
  • View your threats and vulnerabilities on one screen
  • Dashboard to manage your supply chain cyber security
  • Cyber security score peer group comparison 
  • CVE ranking to plan effective future patching 
Cyber Risk management platform

The Problem

Managing cyber risk has never been so critical for organisations. We are constantly changing where and how
we work, how we communicate with our teams, customers and third parties and how we access data and applications. The surge in remote working has led to a significant increase in the attack surface leaving  organisations exposed as threat actors seek to exploit increased vulnerabilities.
Third party suppliers are a significant source of cyber risk. Every supplier that handles data represents a potential point of breach. The financial, regulatory and reputational implications mean that cyber risk management within the supply chain is paramount

The Solution

The Orpheus Cyber Risk Management Platform combines cutting edge threat intelligence technology and third party risk management into one solution.

  • Attack surface mapping is powered by machine learning algorithms reviewed by Queens University.
  • Identifies and analyses vulnerabilities and threats in real-time across entire ecosystem.
  • Dashboard offers a simple and intuitive user interface. 
  • Technical data  easily translated into actionable and
    insightful business information that can be used by Boards and Exec teams.
  • Machine learning-based threat detection allows for real-time continuous risk monitoring and management of third parties.
  • Ranking facility allows for peer comparison within your sector 
  • Evaluate any number of vendors or partners across your whole supply chain.  
Cyber Risk management platform

Our Key Points of Difference

A scalable approach to monitoring your cyber risks for you and of your supply chain and your partners

• Minimise your exposure to breaches and stop cyber attacks before they happen

• Helps the Board and C-Level executives shape security investment decisions

• Continuous real-time evaluation of third parties reduces risk across the whole supply chain

Machine learning powers smarter threat intelligence and delivers the capability to defend more proactively

• Our pioneering technology is trusted by Governments & leading financial institutions operating in highly regulated environments and we are one of the most highly accredited cyber risk organisations in the world providing confidence and peace of mind


Sophisticated Technology

We deploy our UK Government award-winning technologies to collect, index, store and analyse huge volumes of cyber risk data from a wide range of sources, both technical and non-technical.

Orpheus’ advanced analytical techniques, including Machine Learning, combined with our highly-skilled analysts, enable us to provide predictive and actionable intelligence to our clients.

Our Cyber Risk Rating platform and data is underpinned by extensive cyber threat intelligence capabilities.

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