Threat Intelligence

Orpheus is a leading cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating company and is trusted by major organizations worldwide to help protect their vital assets.

We hold the highest level of accreditation being one of only seven companies selected by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Bank of England for what we do. 

Our powerful and award-winning threat intelligence platform collects huge volumes of cyber threat data which we analyse using Machine Learning and an array of sophisticated technologies combined with our highly-skilled analysts.

Our cloud-based platform seamlessly fuses our cyber threat intelligence and cyber risk rating expertise to match your current threats to your live vulnerabilities so that you can stop cyber risks before they happen.

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The Problem

  • Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and organizations need to understand who is likely to attack what and how if they are going to stand a chance of defending against adversaries.
  • In order to understand them it’s necessary to collect and analyse huge volumes of disparate information.
  • Traditional Cyber Threat Intelligence providers focus on providing huge volumes of data to their clients, but not the understanding that makes the data useful.
  • Most organizations have limited internal analytical teams and don’t have the time or resources to make sense of huge volumes of data.


The Solution

A subscription to the Orpheus Cyber Threat Management platform.

With a subscription to the Orpheus’ Threat Intelligence platform you receive a complete understanding of your cyber risks at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Our cyber threat intelligence platform delivers answers to vital questions like these:​

Tactical Intelligence

What are the current techniques, tactics and procedures being used by threat actors? How are these attack techniques evolving? What does this mean for your organization?

Operational Intelligence

Is my organization being targeted by threat actors? Is my data available on the deep and dark web? Are threat actors able to target your infrastructure or the technology you rely on?

Strategic Intelligence

How can I inform my board of this changing threat landscape? What is the potential impact on my business? How does the changing threat affect strategic business decisions?

Our All-Source Intelligence Model

Orpheus sets itself apart from other traditional cyber threat intelligence providers by collecting data from an unrivalled breadth of sources, which we fuse together with expert insights from our analysts to provide our clients with a real-time invaluable understanding of the cyber threats they face.

Our Approach

Orpheus is so much more than just a cyber threat intelligence platform. Our mission is to turn data into actionable insights so that our clients can clearly visualise the cyber threats they face and understand the intent and capability that their adversaries have to target them given factors such as:

We empower you to ensure you have the right defences in place to successfully protect against your threats and mitigate your cyber risk effectively.

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