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The Orpheus Platform

Our intelligence platform subscriptions provide tailored intelligence for your organisation anchored on factors such as who you are, what you do and the technology you operate. Powered by all-source intelligence collection and deploying sophisticated technology and analytical capabilities, we distinguish ourselves by using our expertise to provide you with understanding of your threats and not just data. Accordingly, your personalised subscription is curated by highly qualified analysts who work closely with you to ensure you receive what you need from your intelligence partner. We would be pleased to provide a demonstration of our ground-breaking portal.

Bespoke services

Our bespoke work includes regulator supervised intelligence-led penetration testing, threat assessments and capability building. Our abilities are evidenced by our accreditation to the highest levels as a cyber threat intelligence company.

We are highly accredited for what we do

We are proud to be one of only 7 companies accredited by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) to its Skilled Person Panel of experts able to provide cyber threat intelligence at the top-level to FCA regulated companies. Furthermore, we are one of only a handful of companies accredited by the Bank of England for intelligence-led critical national infrastructure testing frameworks such as ‘CBEST’ for the UK financial sector and ‘TBEST’ for the UK Telecoms sector. Additionally, Orpheus is accredited by CREST (the international standards and accreditation body) as a specialist cyber threat intelligence company as one of a small number to its STAR framework.


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