Thursday 22nd April 2021

Orpheus Cyber Shortlisted For Best Use Of Machine Learning/AI By SC 2021 Awards Europe

Orpheus Cyber is delighted to announce we have been shortlisted for SC Media UK’s Best use of Machine Learning/ AI for the SC 2021 Awards Europe.

Orpheus Cyber accumulates, indexes, stores and analyses huge volumes of cyber risk data from a wide range of sources, both technical and non-technical. Orpheus uses innovative analytical techniques, including Machine Learning, combined with highly-skilled analysts, to provide predictive and actionable intelligence to our clients. We are able tell you who is likely to attack you, how they are going to do it and your live vulnerabilities that they will exploit to do so.

Orpheus’ award-winning Machine Learning/ AI delivers Risk-Based Vulnerability Management that fuses our threat intelligence with other datasets to predict with 95% accuracy which CVE’s will be exploited by cyber adversaries in the future. Since only a small percentage of published CVE’s will actually ever be exploited by hackers, our prediction engine enables organisations to patch the vulnerabilities that really matter – and stop cyber risk before it happens.

The full shortlist:

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