Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence – focus your security on your most likely Threats.

Orpheus is a highly accredited Cyber Threat Intelligence company – including by the FCA and the Bank of England. Our intelligence means our clients can focus defences on their most likely adversaries.


Our approach to Threat-led cyber risk management is accepted as best practice:
“Understanding the threats faced by your organisation, either in its own right or because of who you work with, will enable you to tailor your organisation’s approach to cyber security investment accordingly. You need to consciously make the decision about what threat you are trying to defend against, otherwise, you risk trying to defend against everything, and doing so ineffectively.”

NCSC Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards.

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The problem

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and organisations need to understand who is likely to attack what, and how they are going to mitigate these attacks from adversaries.

To understand them, it’s necessary to collect and analyse huge volumes of disparate information from a variety of sources.

Traditional cyber threat intelligence providers focus on providing huge volumes of data to their clients, but not the understanding that makes the data useful.

Most organisations don’t have the resources internally to create analytics teams that have the opportunity to find the patterns in huge volumes of data, and the cross-industry expertise to know what it means.

Our solution

With a subscription to the Orpheus cyber threat management platform, you’ll receive a complete understanding of your cyber risks at the strategic, operational and tactical levels

Cyber Threat Intelligence Cyber Threat Intelligence
Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence Risk Management Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our cyber threat intelligence platform delivers answers to vital questions such as:

– What are the current TTPs being used by threat actors?
– How are these attack techniques evolving?
– Is my organisation being targeted by threat actors?
– Is my data available on the deep and dark web?
– How can I inform my board of this changing threat landscape?
– What is the potential impact on my business?

Our all-source intelligence model

We set ourselves apart from the traditional cyber threat intelligence providers by collecting data from an unrivalled breadth of sources, which we bring together with expert insight from our analysts to provide our clients with a real-time invaluable understanding of the cyber threats they face.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Cyber Threat Intelligence

Trusted by major organisations worldwide

Bank of England
Morgan Sindall
Department For Work and Pensions
Cabinet Office
Ministry of Defence
Danmarks National Bank
National Bank of Belgium
Global Switch

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