Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Our research indicates that approximately only 0.5% of CVEs are ever exploited.

Discover which vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild by threat actors relevant to you. Significantly reduce patching workload and increases efficiency, by timely applying patching and reducing downtime.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Our Machine Learning technology helps you understand who is likely to attack and where

The Orpheus Vulnerability Scoring System (OVSS) ranks vulnerabilities to significantly improve patching efficiency.

A definitive list on an ongoing basis of which vulnerabilities are actually exploited – only circa 0.5% of all vulnerabilities published.

Exploitation prediction with a proven accuracy of up to 94%.

Align patching with your threat model by using threat intelligence detailing which adversaries are
known to exploit which CVE’s including severity and the targets.

Time is of essence when achieving efficient patching

To prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities, patching software quickly is crucial. Our research indicates that 15% of exploited vulnerabilities were exploited before the NVD published them or made a CVSS score available. This means that any automated patch prioritisation system reliant on the NVD will leave their users vulnerable for that crucial time window.

The Orpheus’ Risk-Based Vulnerability Management capability means that you can immediately focus on the tiny minority of CVE’s that are a risk to you. By cancelling out the noise you can spend time and money dealing with the issues that really matter – significantly reducing cost and risk at the same time.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Cyber Risk Score Offer

Discover our next generation Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

We deploy our award-winning technologies to collect, index, store and analyse huge volumes of cyber risk data from a wide range of sources, both technical and non-technical.

Our advanced analytical techniques, including machine learning, combined with our highly-skilled analysts, help us identify what threat actors are exploiting, and when this changes.

Our vulnerability management not only helps you prioritise but also shows where critical vulnerabilities are present in your supply chain.

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Download our Whitepaper to discover how we leverage threat intelligence and machine learning to help organisations to stay protected by patching less.

Key Takeaways:
– Our model continuously identifies whether any CVE is being exploited
– CVEs exploitation prediction with a proven accuracy of up to 94%
– OVSS fuses vulnerability, threat, business impacts and CVE risk

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

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