Third-Party Supply Chain Risk Management

Do you know the risk that your supply chain poses to you?

Your adversaries are actively targeting your third parties and supply chain, which is why it has never been more important to understand, monitor and manage this vital cyber risk proactively.

We go beyond point-in-time self-assessment questionnaires to understand the true cyber risk present in your third parties and supply chain on an ongoing basis. Our cloud-based SaaS platform means there’s no implementation costs and our technology does not rely on input from your vendors, making it scalable and immediately actionable.

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Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Global Cyber Security Company

Our risk-based vulnerability management technologies highlight your third party and supply chain:

Severe unpatched CVE’s

Currently being exploited by threat actors

Require urgent remediation

The problem

NIST summarise the ideal state that companies should obtain with this quote:

“Supply chain threat intelligence should seek out threats to the enterprise’s suppliers… The intelligence gathered enables enterprises to proactively identify and respond to threats emanating from the supply chain.”NIST

Because supply chains provide a weak link for hackers to exploit, your cyber risk profile is also being reviewed by your customers and partners to see whether you present a risk to their business – using tools such as the Orpheus Platform to do so.

Orpheus Cyber Threat Intelligence Risk Management
Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

The solution

A cloud-based subscription to the industry’s most comprehensive cyber risk management platform.

We combine our unique understanding of the threat to any company with detailed insight into the current vulnerabilities of that entity. By doing so, we calculate the likelihood of that entity becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

Our dashboard allows you to:
– Add multiple organisations to monitor their cyber risk ratings
– View changes in each entity
– View and share summary reports for all organisations
– Be aligned to the NIST principles of supply chain security

Threat-led Cyber Risk Rating

Orpheus is the only government-accredited threat intelligence company providing cyber risk ratings.

Our ratings take into account threat actor activity – whether that is intelligence from our team of analysts through to dark web mentions about a company we lead with a different perspective.

Our threat-led score accurately identifies the likelihood of any company being targeted by hackers, in addition to understanding the opportunities presented by the target’s attack surface.

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