Intelligence led-security testing is now established as the best way of staying ahead of advanced cyber threats: Defenders need to understand the threats that they face before they can know how to protect against them.

When it comes to understanding how well your organisation can stand up to cyber attacks against your vital infrastructure, intelligence provides the vital ‘golden thread’ that the attack methods used in testing are actually representative of the current threat faced.

That is why so many regulators, private companies, public sector bodies and other organisations of all shapes and sizes globally are now conducting intelligence-led penetration testing in order to understand the current state of their cyber resilience.

The Orpheus team are considered experts in this field, are accredited to the CBEST and CREST STAR frameworks, and have significant track records providing intelligence to major organisations under a range of frameworks globally. They have worked with both regulators and regulated companies to develop those frameworks in a range of critical national infrastructure sectors, and are therefore extremely well placed to advise you on your testing – and manage your project to a successful outcome.

Effective Cyber resilience testing will enable you to:

  • Conduct cyber resilience testing that meets the requirements of Regulator frameworks such as CBEST, TBEST, TIBER, iCAST and others.
  • Use current intelligence to see how your organisation reacts when faced with the most likely attacks against your most prized assets.
  • Enable scarce resources to be targeted onto improving security around the things that really matter.