Third Party Supply Chain Risk Management

Orpheus is the only Government-accredited cyber threat intelligence company providing accurate Third Party cyber risk rating.

“Even if an organisation has excellent cyber security, there can be no guarantee that the same standards are applied by contractors and third party suppliers in the supply chain. Attackers will target the most vulnerable part of a supply chain to reach their intended victim.”  (UK National Cyber Security Centre”)

We have used our expertise to develop a new threat-led approach to cyber risk rating because:

  • All risk management should start with an understanding of threat;
  • Established cyber risk ratings platforms do not currently do so;
  • Combining an understanding of your threats with your vulnerabilities enables fast and effective improvements to your cyber security.

“Cyber risk management techniques define risk as a combination of threat, vulnerability and impact.” (UK National Cyber Security Centre)


The Problem

Supply chain security has never been so important. Adversaries are increasingly targeting your third parties as a component of your attack surface because they are usually less protected, and because increasingly your third parties have access to your data, your systems or their compromise will result in disruption to your business.

Because supply chains provide a weak link for hackers to exploit, your cyber risk profile is also being reviewed by your customers and partners to see whether you present a risk to their business – using tools such as the Orpheus platform to do so

Most traditional cyber risk rating dashboards do not use threat as the starting point in their risk calculations. Instead they focus mainly on an organisations’ vulnerabilities and the possible impacts of a breach, meaning that risk is likely to be miscalculated.

Without a threat-led approach to cyber risk calculation, organisations will fail to identify:

  • supply chain cyber risks
  • partner cyber risk
  • cyber insurance policy risk
  • investment issues
  • client cyber security problems 

The Solution

A scalable, cloud based subscription to the industry’s most comprehensive Cyber Risk Management platform. 

Orpheus has developed a fundamentally different, threat intelligence approach to cyber risk rating. 

We combine our unique understanding of the threat to any company with a detailed insight into the current vulnerability of that entity. By doing so we are accurately calculating the likelihood of the entity being victim to a cyber attack.

Our dashboard allows you to:

  • add multiple organisations to monitor their cyber risk ratings 
  • view changes in each entity 
  • view, print and share summary reports for all organisations 
  • be aligned to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre’s Principles of Supply Chain Security

Our Key Points of Difference

A scalable approach to resolve cyber risks for you, your supply chain and your partners

Our approach means that any company can benefit quickly and effortlessly from our service. With no implementation time or cost, we are able to scale our Cyber Risk Rating from a single company to your entire supply chain or any third-party company you work with, or are considering a relationship with.

Use the Orpheus Cyber Risk Rating Dashboard to monitor the changing cyber risk rating to any of your nominated entities and show return on investment as those companies act on Orpheus’ recommendations and become a lower risk of cyber attack.

Send third parties Cyber Risk Summary Reports which detail how they can reduce their cyber risks

Use Orpheus’ Cyber Risk Summary Reports to deliver immediate and effective cyber security improvements to any entity you have an existing or potential future relationship with.

Prove return on investment as third parties act on the guidance in the Orpheus reports on an ongoing basis.

Sophisticated Technology

We deploy our UK Government award-winning technologies to collect, index, store and analyse huge volumes of cyber risk data from a wide range of sources, both technical and non-technical.

Orpheus’ advanced analytical techniques, including Machine Learning, combined with our highly-skilled analysts, enable us to provide predictive and actionable intelligence to our clients.

Our Cyber Risk Rating platform and data is underpinned by extensive cyber threat intelligence capabilities.

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