Wednesday 14th September 2022

BLOG: Orpheus Cyber Is One Of Six UK-based Startups Chosen To Participate In AWS Defence Accelerator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has selected 10 startup participants for its first-ever defence-focused accelerator program after sifting through more than 100 applications. Orpheus Cyber is delighted to announce that we have been carefully chosen to participate in the programme.

The Accelerator helps start-ups use AWS services to thrive and evolve solutions that tackle defence organisations’ biggest challenges. The cloud giant worked with UK government technology consultancy Public to select the accelerator’s participants, who are all now on course to embark on a four-week body of work beginning later in September to help ready their products and services for use by the defence market.

Participants will benefit from access to technical, business and go-to-market mentorship opportunities from AWS, and will be issued with promotional credits that will allow them to make full use of Amazon’s portfolio of cloud technologies. In addition to this, members will have the opportunity to work with existing AWS customers in the defence space and members of the firm’s partner network to hone their creations and ensure they meet the “unmet needs of the defence landscape,” said Public CEO Daniel Korski.

Speaking to Computer Weekly in the wake of the accelerator’s announcement in late May 2022, Max Peterson, vice-president of the worldwide public sector at AWS, said the endeavour aimed to uncover startups with “game-changing” technologies spanning cyber, data and sustainability that could be of use to the defence industry.

All of its participants must be revenue-generating, have existing customers and be able to demonstrate they can use AWS technologies to “solve big challenges” in the defence industry. Out of the 10 startups selected to participate in the programme, 6 are from the UK and we are delighted to be included.

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