Tuesday 23rd May 2023

BLOG: Taking the Lead – How Cyber Risk Ratings Give MSPs a Competitive Edge

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, managed service providers (MSPs) face the daunting task of safeguarding their clients’ digital assets. With the rapid proliferation of cyber risks, MSPs must adopt innovative approaches to stay ahead of the curve. Leveraging cyber risk ratings provide MSPs with a competitive edge by enabling them to offer proactive, data-driven security solutions. This blog explores how cyber risk ratings empower MSPs and elevate their capabilities to protect clients from emerging threats.

How Cyber Risk Ratings Give MSPs a Competitive Edge

Enhancing Risk Visibility and Prioritization:

Cyber risk ratings empower MSPs with a comprehensive view of the security posture of their clients’ digital infrastructure. By utilizing sophisticated algorithms and data analysis, these ratings provide MSPs with actionable insights into the potential vulnerabilities and threats facing their clients. This enhanced risk visibility allows MSPs to prioritize their security efforts, focusing on high-risk areas and allocating resources effectively to mitigate potential damage.

Strengthening Security Posture:

MSPs equipped with cyber risk ratings can deliver a robust and proactive security strategy to their clients. By leveraging the insights provided by risk ratings, MSPs can identify weak points in their clients’ systems, recommend appropriate remediation measures, and implement proactive security controls. This approach not only fortifies the clients’ security posture but also positions the MSP as a trusted advisor, proactively protecting their clients from potential breaches.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Cyber risk ratings are rooted in comprehensive data analysis and intelligence gathering. MSPs can leverage these ratings to make informed decisions based on objective assessments of their client’s security risks. By incorporating risk ratings into their decision-making processes, MSPs can better allocate resources, optimize security investments, and provide targeted recommendations tailored to their client’s unique risk profiles. This data-driven approach demonstrates the MSP’s commitment to delivering effective cybersecurity solutions.

Competitive Differentiation:

In an increasingly crowded MSP market, having a unique selling proposition is critical for success. Cyber risk ratings offer MSPs a distinctive value proposition that sets them apart from their competitors. By leveraging these ratings, MSPs can showcase their ability to provide proactive and data-driven security services, giving them a competitive edge. Clients are increasingly aware of the importance of risk management, and MSPs armed with cyber risk ratings can position themselves as trusted partners capable of addressing clients’ most pressing security concerns.

Cyber risk ratings offer MSPs a powerful tool to enhance their security capabilities, providing a competitive edge in the market. By utilizing risk ratings, MSPs can gain valuable insights, strengthen their clients’ security posture, and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Embracing this data-driven approach equips MSPs with the necessary tools to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity and deliver proactive and robust security services to their clients.


How can Orpheus Cyber help?


Managed Service Providers (MSPs) must continually seek innovative solutions to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional value to their clients. At Orpheus Cyber, we offer a range of services that empower MSPs with a competitive edge. We can provide MSPs with the tools and capabilities to enhance their offerings and stand out in the market:

Single Pane View of Risk Portfolio:

Orpheus Cyber provides MSPs with a consolidated and comprehensive view of their clients’ risk portfolios. Through the Orpheus platform, MSPs can actively monitor and reduce associated risks, allowing for efficient risk prioritization. This enables MSPs to have a holistic understanding of their clients’ cybersecurity posture, making it easier to assess potential vendors and effectively manage risk.

Enhanced Cyber Risk Score:

With Orpheus Cyber’s proprietary cyber risk scoring system, MSPs gain access to an advanced assessment of the threats targeting their clients. The cyber risk score takes into account factors such as threat actors, their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and maps them to unpatched vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the wild. This valuable intelligence empowers MSPs to prioritize remediation efforts, ensuring they address the most critical risks first.

Intelligence Database Exploration:

Orpheus Cyber offers MSPs access to a rich intelligence database. This collection of live and historical data encompasses dark web chatter, vulnerability records, threat actor profiles, and more. By leveraging this intelligence, MSPs can stay ahead of emerging threats, gain insights into the latest attack trends, and proactively protect their clients’ systems and data.

Uncovering Extended Risk Efficiently:

Orpheus Cyber enables MSPs to uncover their clients’ extended risk in less than an hour. By streamlining the risk assessment process, MSPs can efficiently identify and evaluate risks across their client base. This allows them to provide swift and accurate recommendations, helping clients mitigate potential threats before they materialize.

Orpheus Cyber’s comprehensive approach to threat-led cyber risk management equips MSPs with the necessary tools to offer a differentiated and proactive cybersecurity service. MSPs can monitor consolidated risk profiles, prioritize risks that directly impact data breach likelihood, lower cyber insurance costs, validate security measures, and demonstrate return on investment. Additionally, Orpheus Cyber enables MSPs to independently monitor third parties, improve cyber maturity, optimize internal resources and workload, and enhance their overall security posture.

By leveraging the Orpheus platform, MSPs can elevate their cybersecurity offerings, provide tailored and effective solutions, and establish themselves as trusted advisors in the field. Embracing Orpheus Cyber’s expertise empowers MSPs to stay ahead of emerging threats, effectively manage risk, and deliver outstanding protection to their clients’ critical assets.

To learn more about how Orpheus Cyber can help MSPs gain a competitive edge and improve their cybersecurity capabilities, click here.

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