Monday 21st June 2021

CASE STUDY: UKRI x Orpheus Cyber

At Orpheus Cyber, we deploy award-winning machine learning technology to predict the likelihood of a vulnerability being exploited in the future. This enables cyber teams to deploy risk-based vulnerability management. We also analyse large volumes of information on threats, turning this into actionable insights.

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence are playing an increasing role in cybersecurity, with security tools analysing data from millions of cyber incidents and using it to identify potential threats such as malware or phishing methods via links. Our platform helps the process of detecting malicious cyber activity quicker and prevent cyber-attacks before they get began. 

As quoted in the UKRI case study, “Orpheus Cyber’s approach is sophisticated. Its machine learning algorithms learn from large datasets taken from the dark web, criminal forums and marketplaces, and hacker chatrooms to find references to vulnerabilities and other attack methods being discussed by criminals. It also looks at a variety of other features to assess the risk of a vulnerability being exploited and its attractiveness to hackers”.

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