Friday 12th May 2023

CTI Weekly: NSA warns of sophisticated Russian cyber espionage tool ‘Snake’; new phishing tool ‘Greatness’ bypasses MFA; financial fraud campaign targets Italian banks; Akira ransomware hits corporate networks and more

Key Issue:

Security agencies release joint Cybersecurity Advisory tracking Russian Snake Malware globally

The NSA and other international partner agencies have released a joint advisory warning of the Russian malware infrastructure known as Snake, which has been in development for 20 years and is used by Russia’s Federal Security Service for long-term intelligence collection on sensitive targets. Snake is a sophisticated cyber espionage tool that uses a peer-to-peer network of infected computers worldwide to route disguised traffic to and from Snake implants on the FSB’s targets.

Snake has been observed targeting high-priority targets to Russian leadership, including government networks, research facilities, and journalists, and has been identified in over 50 countries. While this advisory is a significant step in defending against Russian cyber espionage efforts, the FSB has been known to adapt Snake quickly when its capabilities are publicly disclosed.

Other news:


A new phishing tool called ‘Greatness’ has been observed, allowing low-level threat actors to create convincing Microsoft login pages for sophisticated phishing campaigns. This tool is capable of bypassing Multi-Factor Authentication.


Financial Services

A financial fraud campaign is targeting corporate banks in Italy using a web-inject toolkit called DrIBAN to alter payment transfers in real-time. In a separate incident, Anonymous Sudan conducted a DDoS campaign that temporarily disrupted the online banking portals of three major financial institutions in the UAE.



A new type of ransomware called Akira is targeting corporate networks in various sectors and its operators are willing to reduce demands if a decryption key is not required. In a separate incident, the Swiss manufacturer ABB was hit by Black Basta ransomware, affecting their Windows Active Directory services and hundreds of devices



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