Tuesday 15th September 2020

How to ensure supply chains are cyber proof and secure? – Retail Tech Innovation Hub press coverage

Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to supply chains, particularly during the peak of the pandemic when critical products were in high demand. 

Often in desperation to meet demand, many organisations turned to new suppliers they had never worked with before, exposing many flaws and vulnerabilities in the security of supply chains, not least the cyber threat. 

Whilst larger organisations have invested heavily in recent years to boost their defences, smaller companies supplying larger organisations have fewer resources to invest in protection from cyber attack.

Cyber criminals, aware of this, have looked at other ways to compromise their targets and supply chains have come under frequent attacks, ever more sophisticated and devasting. 

One of the major themes that has emerged from the pandemic is that companies are being held far more accountable for the security and standards of their supply chain.

Albeit not a cyber related issue in its supply chain, one major pureplay came under stinging attack for working with suppliers who had been accused of exploiting workers. It was clear from that, that the fallout, backlash and reputational damage from a cyber hack or question marks over the ethics of a supply chain can be severe. 

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