Wednesday 10th February 2021

STAR-FS Accreditation Announcement

Orpheus is pleased to announce our accreditation under the STAR-FS scheme, administered by CREST.

STAR-FS is the framework that has been produced for intelligence-led penetration testing within the financial services sector. While the largest UK financial organisations have been required to undertake intelligence-led security testing under the  CBEST framework for some time, STAR-FS is intended to facilitate a scaled-down approach  requiring less involvement from regulators, and requires less time and cost while still providing similar results. It can also be conducted by any organisation worldwide.

star-fs threat intelligence

Orpheus is a Bank of England and FCA accredited company with extensive experience across all intelligence-led security testing frameworks including: CBEST, GBEST, TBEST, TIBER, iCAST and CREST STAR. Our deep experience in scoping and undertaking these exercises ensures that our approach can be relied upon to deliver evidence to your Regulators of your organisations’ cyber resilience.

CEO Oliver Church said “Orpheus’ accreditation under the STAR-FS scheme is further evidence of our expertise in the field of intelligence-led security testing. Our unique ability to fuse our sophisticated technologies with our skilled and highly certified team means we consistently deliver what our clients need. We look forward to working with an increased number of companies in providing this valuable service.”

To find out more about the STAR-FS scheme or how Orpheus can help, please view further resources here, or get in touch.

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