Friday 2nd December 2022

Threat intelligence weekly update | 2nd December 2022

Key Issue: International law enforcement operations disrupt cybercriminal groups
Cybercriminals: New Android malware masquerades as legitimate applications
Nation-State: Suspected nation-state activity targeting Western entities


International law enforcement operations disrupt cybercriminal groups 

The efforts resulted in the termination of a Darknet market selling malware and cybercrime-as-a-service tools as well as the recovery of USD 150,000 in funds stolen from Tanzanian citizens. Furthermore, the joint operation also achieved an increase in general cybersecurity maturity across Africa by remediating network vulnerabilities and securing vulnerable critical infrastructure.

In Europe, the Spanish National Police similarly disrupted organised cybercriminal groups that had compromised over 300 victims via fake investment sites which had generated a total of USD 12.8 million in revenue for the perpetrators. The scale and success of these operations demonstrate that like traditional criminal law enforcement efforts, the successful disruption of highly organised cybercriminal activity often requires coordination at a national and international level.

We anticipate that the success of these European and African law enforcement operations will create a deterrent effect, reducing the likelihood that lesser sophisticated adversaries from across the threat landscape will engage in criminal activity within these regions. However, we assess that more advanced cybercrime syndicates will likely continue to adapt, avoiding significant negative impacts on their revenue generation.



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