Wednesday 18th January 2023

BLOG: The Growing Need for Cyber Threat Intelligence in Today’s Digital Age

In today’s digital age, organisations of all sizes and industries are increasingly reliant on technology to conduct their operations and engage with customers. This dependence on technology has led to a growing need for cybersecurity to protect against cyber threats. Cyber threat intelligence allows organisations to stay informed about the latest threats and tactics used by cybercriminals, enabling them to better protect their systems and data. Additionally, by providing actionable intelligence, threat intelligence can assist organizations to respond quickly and effectively to cyber incidents, minimize their impact and prevent future attacks.

Cyber threat intelligence is the process of collecting, analysing, and disseminating information about current and emerging cyber threats. This information can be used to identify potential vulnerabilities, understand the motivations of attackers, and develop strategies for defending against cyber attacks. CTI can also be used to track the activities of known threat actors and predict their future actions.

One of the reasons for the growing need for CTI is the increasing sophistication of cyber threats. In the past, cyber attacks were primarily focused on stealing sensitive information or disrupting operations. However, today’s cyber threats are more sophisticated and can have a significant impact on an organisation’s reputation and bottom line. Cyber attacks can cause significant financial losses, disrupt operations, and damage customer trust.

More organisations have moved their operations online and they become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of this. In addition, the number of connected devices and the amount of personal and sensitive data stored online continues to grow, providing more opportunities for cybercriminals to target. The sheer volume of cyber threats makes it increasingly difficult for organisations to identify and defend against them.

The growing need for cyber threat intelligence is also driven by the expanding scope of cyber threats. Cyber attacks can originate from a variety of sources, including nation-states, organised crime groups, hacktivists, and insiders. In addition, the tactics used in cyber attacks are constantly evolving, making it difficult for organisations to keep up with the latest threats.

To combat these emerging threats, organisations need to have a comprehensive cyber threat intelligence program in place. This program should include processes for collecting, analysing, and disseminating information about cyber threats. Organisations should also establish relationships with cyber threat intelligence providers, industry groups, and government agencies to gain access to the latest threat intelligence. At Orpheus Cyber we differentiate ourselves from other cyber threat intelligence providers by gathering data from a wide variety of sources and combining it with the expertise of our analysts to give our clients a real-time, valuable understanding of the cyber threats they are facing.

Another important aspect of a CTI program is the ability to share information with other organisations. By sharing CTI, organisations can better understand the threats they face and develop more effective strategies for defending against them.

The growing need for cyber threat intelligence is driven by the increasing sophistication, volume and scope of cyber threats. Organisations must adopt a comprehensive CTI program to protect their assets and customers and survive in today’s digital age. cyber threat intelligence can help organisations identify vulnerabilities, understand the motivations of attackers, and develop strategies for defending against cyber attacks. Organisations must stay informed about the latest cyber threats and work together to share intelligence and best practices in order to better protect their assets. To find out more about how Orpheus Cyber uses cyber threat intelligence to protect organisations, click here

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