Ministry of Defence Whitepaper

Ministry of Defence Vulnerability Prioritisation


Our whitepaper explores our Risk Based Vulnerability Management work commissioned by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence.


Key Takeaways:

– Our model continuously identifies whether any CVE is one of approximately 0.5% that are actually exploited
– Orpheus’ Machine Learning predicts which CVEs will be exploited in the future with a proven accuracy of up to 94%;
– Orpheus’ CVE Risk Score: dynamically fuses vulnerability, threat, business impacts and CVE risk, providing your organisation with a concise list of vulnerabilities for remediation.


Download our Ministry of Defence Whitepaper to discover how we leverage threat intelligence and machine learning to predict vulnerability exploitation and help organisations to stay protected by doing less patching. We are pleased to announce that our advanced vulnerability management capability is now available to our customers. Find more information about our vulnerability management here.

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