Chinese internet censorship and surveillance

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Key Takeaways:

  • –  The Chinese government has been at the forefront of exploring ways to apply cutting-edge research in computer vision, the Internet of Things, and hardware manufacturing in day-to-day governance. This has resulted in the creation of the world’s most advanced surveillance state, which not only affects Chinese citizens and companies operating within the country’s borders but also compromises the data of the global population and threatens the integrity and operational secrets of public and private entities internationally.
  • –  China is highly likely to continue to develop its surveillance capabilities to maintain control over its domestic population.
  • –  Orpheus assess that China’s surveillance apparatus will continue to target individuals, groups and organisations perceived as posing a threat towards the Chinese government.
  • –  On the regional level, China is expected to continue the deployment of espionage campaigns targeted at regionally strategic countries to gain insights into their political agendas.
  • –  With the recent ban on Chinese surveillance and telecommunications technologies in the UK and US, Orpheus expects to see new developments in tactics, techniques, and procedures targeting primarily public entities in political and military intelligence campaigns in the West.

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