The Evolving Threat of Supply Chain Compromises

In today’s interconnected business landscape, supply chains have become a prime target for threat actors, with 61% of companies experiencing a compromise in the past year alone. Learn how to protect your organisation and stay ahead of evolving risks.


Key Takeaways:

–   Large-scale supply chain compromises are orchestrated by nation-state actors and cybercriminals alike.

–   Ransomware groups are increasingly targeting supply chains for maximum financial gain.

–   Commonly used software providers and businesses operating in foreign states are at higher risk.

–   Third parties are being targeted to compromise larger organisations, emphasising the importance of risk identification.

–   Government agencies recommend oversight of immediate and extended supply chains, minimum security requirements for third parties, and vulnerability disclosure programs.


With Orpheus, monitor your third-party network, identify critical vulnerabilities, and strengthen your supply chain security. Download our report to gain valuable insights and protect your business from supply chain compromises.

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