How AI is leveraged across the Threat Landscape

 As technology evolves and industries adopt AI to enhance their services, threat actors are not far behind in leveraging these same technologies to amplify the effectiveness of their malicious activities. Our whitepaper, “How AI is Leveraged by Threat Actors,” sheds light on this growing concern and offers essential insights to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.


Key Takeaways:

–   Deepfake technology and information operations: State-backed groups are increasingly using deep fake technology to create fictitious but credible profiles,

–   AI in phishing and vishing campaigns: Financially motivated threat actors utilize AI-driven synthetic media, also known as “deepfakes,” to masquerade as legitimate individuals in phishing campaigns.

–   Machine learning for hacking and SEO poisoning: Threat actors harness machine learning to enhance their password-guessing tools, leading to more frequent and successful criminal hacking attempts. Moreover, manipulating legitimate AI technology, like AI-based antivirus programs, can lead to unexpected outcomes, enabling attackers to evade detection and exploit vulnerabilities.

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