Thursday 16th November 2023

BLOG: Mastering CBEST – The Power of Intelligence Led Pen-Testing for Financial Institutions

The Cyber Security Testing Framework (CBEST), established by the Bank of England in 2014, is a crucial methodology tailored for UK financial services organisations. It stands as the primary tool for testing their defences using cutting-edge threat intelligence and real-world attack simulations. CBEST plays a pivotal role in fortifying the cyber resilience of these institutions against sophisticated threats.

We recognise the paramount importance of intelligence-led penetration testing within the framework of CBEST. It’s not merely a component of defence; it’s a strategic approach empowering financial institutions to combat dynamic cyber threats effectively.

Understanding CBEST: Strengthening Financial Defences

CBEST aims to evaluate and enhance the cyber defences of financial institutions through advanced threat simulations. This methodology involves conducting controlled, intelligence-led cyber security tests that mirror the tactics used by genuine attackers. This approach allows organisations to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen their defences against evolving cyber threats.

Intelligence-led pen-testing within the CBEST framework holds critical significance:

  • Scalability: By automating testing processes, institutions can effectively scale their cybersecurity measures without draining resources.
  • Efficiency: Automation swiftly pinpoints vulnerabilities, facilitating rapid mitigation and minimising potential delays during CBEST assessments.
  • Accuracy: Automated testing provides a more precise evaluation of an institution’s cyber posture, identifying security weaknesses that manual testing might overlook.

Our upcoming webinar, in collaboration with BlueFort, will delve into the strategic importance of intelligence-led pen-testing within the CBEST framework.

We’ll share best practises and insights to guide financial institutions towards meeting and exceeding their cyber resilience goals.

Understanding CBEST and the significance of intelligence-led pen-testing is crucial in fortifying financial institutions against the evolving threat landscape. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring the security and resilience of these organisations in a rapidly changing digital environment.

To deepen your insight into intelligence-led pen-testing and fortify your institution’s defences within the CBEST framework, register for our upcoming webinar here. Take the first step toward reinforcing your cyber resilience in the financial landscape.



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