Third Party Managed Services

At Orpheus Cyber, we recognise that safeguarding your organisation goes beyond internal measures. Our Third-Party Risk Managed Services are tailored to fortify your business ecosystem against evolving cyber threats. Explore the depth of our capabilities and the benefits we bring to your business.

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Discover Our Third-Party Managed Services:

External Attack Surface Monitoring

Monitoring of Relevant Cyber Threat Activity

Digital Risk Protection

Trends and Anomalies in Risk


How We Deliver Value:

  • Intelligence Reporting – Receive timely Cyber Vulnerability Alerts.
  • Ad-hoc Queries – Customised insights tailored to your unique concerns.
  • Pre-Procurement Reports – Evaluate and secure potential partners before onboarding.
  • Regular Threat Briefings/Webinars: Keep your team informed and prepared.

The Benefits of Choosing Orpheus Cyber

  1. Holistic Risk Management – Gain a comprehensive view of your external partners’ cyber risk.
  2. Proactive Threat Mitigation – Early detection and rapid response to potential threats.
  3. Strategic Decision Support – Informed decision-making based on real-time intelligence.
  4. Enhanced Collaboration – Unite with suppliers against cyber threats.

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