Thursday 23rd November 2023

BLOG: Mitigating Cyber Supply Chain Attacks – Insights from the NCSC Warning

The warning issued today by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the Republic of Korea’s National Intelligence Service on the escalating threat posed by DPRK state-linked cyber actors emphasises the critical need for proactive measures in defending against software supply chain attacks.

The joint advisory highlights the alarming trend of DPRK actors leveraging advanced techniques to exploit vulnerabilities within third-party software, granting access to targeted systems. These actors have been observed employing zero-day vulnerabilities to breach specific targets or infiltrate organisations through their supply chains.

The advisory underscores how these supply chain attacks align with DPRK-state priorities, encompassing revenue generation, espionage, and the theft of advanced technologies. This revelation emphasises the severe consequences such attacks can inflict on affected organisations.

The Imperative for Mitigative Actions

The NCSC and the NIS have detailed the malicious activities, presenting case studies of recent DPRK-linked attacks and providing actionable advice for organisations to mitigate the risks associated with supply chain compromises.

This announcement coincides with the Strategic Cyber Partnership between the UK and the Republic of Korea, signifying a commitment to collaborative efforts in combatting shared cyber threats.

The Urgency for Enhanced Resilience

Paul Chichester, NCSC Director of Operations, stresses the profound consequences that software supply chain attacks can pose. He strongly encourages organisations to heed the advisory’s mitigative actions, enhancing resilience against these increasingly sophisticated attacks.

The threat from DPRK state-linked actors executing supply chain attacks is anticipated to heighten, necessitating strict adherence to recommended actions outlined in the advisory. Referencing the NCSC’s supply chain security guidance is paramount in establishing effective control and oversight within your supply chain.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, vigilance and preparedness are paramount. The NCSC’s warning serves as a crucial beacon, urging organisations to fortify their cyber defences and embrace proactive strategies to thwart the growing sophistication of supply chain attacks.

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