Combatting Cybercrime: The Ransomware Problem


Key Takeaways:

Law enforcement achieved success against ransomware groups

  • Disrupted Darkside and Hive Ransomware-as-a-Service groups.
  • Recovered majority of Colonial Pipeline ransom payment.
  • International collaboration is crucial in tackling ransomware:


Success against ransomware relies on global cooperation.

  • Geopolitics impacted collaboration, especially post-Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
  • Limited ability to pursue high-level ransomware individuals.


Transparency issues surround ransomware incidents:

  • Lack of accurate breach reporting hampers response and information sharing.


Banning ransomware payments has complexities:

  • Debate on banning payments; potential consequences.
    Could redirect ransomware to critical national infrastructure organizations.
    Such organizations could be more attractive targets due to waivers.


International Counter Ransomware Initiative’s significance:

  • Organization with 42 member countries worldwide.
    Aims to create a joint task force against ransomware.
    Emphasis on sharing information and disrupting ransomware through collaboration.
    Represents a highly effective strategy due to resource sharing and cooperation.

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