Israel Palestine Cyber Threat Analysis Report

This report delves into the cyber dimension of the Israel-Hamas conflict, which began with Hamas’s attack on Israel in October 2023, leading to escalating hostilities. Ideologically driven hacktivists swiftly engaged in cyber-attacks, focusing on Israel and Palestine.

These attacks included distributed denial of service (DDoS) incidents, website defacements, and the release of alleged stolen data. While these cyber activities had not yet severely disrupted global business, the report points out that they could if the conflict intensifies. The study identifies 160 threat actors involved in hacktivism, predominantly pro-Palestine groups.

Additionally, psychological operations aimed at shaping public perception have been noted. To mitigate risks, our report provides several recommendations, including reinforcing DDoS defences, addressing vulnerabilities in external-facing infrastructure, and enhancing security protocols to prepare for potential cyber incidents related to the ongoing conflict.


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