Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Orpheus’ proprietary Machine Learning predicts which vulnerabilities not yet being expoloited by hackers will be in the future.

Even with an industry-leading team and budget, it isn’t possible to patch every vulnerability that is discovered. Prioritising those which pose the greatest threat, and have the greatest impact is the best place to start. 

We have used our expertise in threat intelligence to help organisations prioritise their vulnerability management giving each vulnerability a score so you know what to focus on next. By understanding the the tactics and goals of threat actors we enable more effective vulnerability management. 


The Problem

Thousands of vulnerabilities, or CVE’s, are ientified and published each year. The problem is knowing which ones to focus on patching or other mitigation which can be a costly and time-consuming process. 


Even with the largest budget, organisations need to prioritise their resources as well as consider any down-time caused by patching. It is important to prioritise effectively, reducing risk and making the best use of the organisation’s resources. 


The widely used scoring system for vulnerability management scores vulnerabilties based on the severity of the impact should that CVE be exploited. Some of these vulnerabilities will never be exploited. Some are exploited but hackers move on as newer vulnerabilities are discovered. Understanding the severity based on these factors as well as impact is important for prioritisation. 


Predicting the likelihood of a CVE being exploited in the future is also an important factor. A vulnerability with a severe impact, that is unlikely to be exploited can be prioritised differently to one with a high likelihood of exploitation. 

The Solution

Orpheus has developed the Orpheus Vulnerability Severity Score (OVSS) which uses our cyber threat intelligence, Machine Learning, and other features to give every CVE a score, allowing organisations to filter vulnerabilities on their network by those that are the most serious. Without this approach to risk-based CVE management it is incredibly difficult to know which vulnerabilities to patch first and this enables organisationst to prioritise. 

Our OVSS allows you to:

  • understand which vulnerabilities are most critical
  • see which vulberabilities not yet being exploited by hackers will be exploited in the future
  • accurately prioritise which vulnerabilities need to be patched immediately  
  • have confidence in your prioritisation as our prediction has been shown to be over 94% accurate

Our use of Machine Learning towards risk-based vulnerability management is award-winning and has been recognised for its innovative approach.

Sophisticated Technology

We deploy our UK Government award-winning technologies to collect, index, store and analyse huge volumes of cyber risk data from a wide range of sources, both technical and non-technical.

Orpheus’ advanced analytical techniques, including Machine Learning, combined with our highly-skilled analysts, enable us to provide predictive and actionable intelligence to our clients.

Our Cyber Risk Rating platform shows which vulnerabilities are visible on your attack surface, and that of your third-parties. 

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